Most frequently asked questions


 Q: Do you have free Wifi?

A: Yes we do.

Q: What is the working hours at SpaceLightStudio?

A: Morning hours from 9am-1pm, Afternoon hours from 1:30pm-5:30pm, Evening hours from 6pm-10pm.

Q: Is the studio a daylight studio?

A: There are two windows in the studio that have natural light passing through, however not enough to use alone as lighting


Q: Is the studio a blackout studio?

A: Both windows have blackout curtains however at this moment approximately 80% blackout is achievable.

Q: Which is your nearest tube or train stations?

A: It’s Seven Sisters on the Victoria line and Bruce Grove or Tottenham Hale overground.

Q: Is there Parking?

A: Limited parking maybe available on site however there are Pay and Display parking available in slip road in  front of Workshops off Somerset Road and in Stoneleigh Road car park on Chesnut Road.

Q: Is there a waiting area?

A: The building has a shared waiting area with comfortable sofas.

Q: Can we make our own light refreshments? 

A: Tea, coffee and light refreshments are available. Food can be ordered in on request.


Q: What happens to our equipment if we are on site for more than one day?

A: The studio can be locked and in addition, lockable storage is available for smaller items.


Q: I have lots of equipment – is there easy access to the Studios?

A:  We are on the first floor with a few steps to a lift if required.  For larger or heavier items there is a lifting platform from the  car park to take you to into the building to access the lift.

Q: What equipment + amenities come included with each hire?

A: All Photography equipment listed on the facilities&equipment list is included in your hire. 

Q: Will the provided flash trigger work with my camera?

A: Since the trigger can be mounted to any standard hot shoe mount, it’s compatible with most cameras on the market.

Q: Are the backdrops free to use?

A: The backdrops are free to use unless stood on, for the section of the paper that is stood on there's a charge of £5 per metre. For example, if you rolled a paper out and had 3 metres of paper on the ground but only stood on the first 0.5 metres (50cm) of paper, the charge would be £2.5 for the 0.5 metres.

Q: What colour backdrops do you have?

A: Our selection of backdrop papers are always changing so if there were a specific colour you wanted to enquire about, please email or call us so we can update you on what's currently in stock. If you need specific colours, they can be ordered at least 4 days’ notice.


Q: How do we get into the studio?

A: Press number 5 on the buzzer and we'll come down to let you into the building and take you to the studio.






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